Battery for Life

Worx® offer a unique ‘battery for life’ concept on all NiCd batteries. If your batteries are not performing as well as they should be then send them back to Worx and a replacement NiCd battery will be sent out to you. (Offer excludes Li-Ion Batteries)

Lifetime Battery Replacement Agreement

The Lifetime Battery Replacement Agreement is available free of charge to end users of any Worx® Professional hand held battery-powered tool in line with the model numbers outlined below, purchased after January 1st 2008 and subject to the terms and conditions stated below.


To accept this Lifetime Free Battery Replacement Agreement, user must register the product online within 30 days after purchase. The Lifetime Battery Replacement Agreement allows the original owner only to qualify for a Worx® branded tool with a lifetime of free replacement battery subject to the restrictions and limitations set forth below.

Models included in the agreement

All products covered by this Agreement are manufactured by Positec Group Limited, or its solely designated suppliers. Only the following model numbers qualify as part of the Lifetime Battery Replacement Agreement. Worx® Professional: WU157PT, WU164PT, WU365PT, WU367PT, WU527PT, WU547PT, WU187PT, WU284PT

Product registration

You must register your product's within 30 days after purchase by logging on to Click on “Register Now” and fill in the required information for your qualifying Worx® brand portable battery-powered tool. All registrations must be made under the name of an individual person. After registration, you will receive an e-mail that will include your Identification Number (BID#). Keep track of this number as you will be requested to present it during the call for replacement, in order to obtain service for your product under the Lifetime Battery Replacement Agreement.

How to claim your free replacement battery

Should you need a free replacement battery under this Agreement, call Worx Customer Helpline number 0845 202 9679. The operator will request you to present your Identification Number (BID#). The operator will give you instructions on how to get your replacement battery.

Conditions of replacement

To get your free replacement battery, you should return the defective battery at your own cost, to: Worx Power Tools, c/o J&M, Unit E, Clayton Works Business Centre, Midland Road, Leeds LS10 2RJ, together with the warranty registration for the purchased product and the proof of purchase as described below. Upon receipt of the defective battery, a free brand-new battery will be mailed out to you; you only need to cover the cost of shipping, handling and insurance; one battery per shipping.

Environmental policy

The company will ensure that returned batteries are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Proof of Purchase

A commercial invoice or a receipt is requested as proof of purchase.


Free battery replacement under this Agreement will be limited to 1 (one) battery pack per 12 (twelve) months for each qualifying Worx® branded power tool.


Please note this program only covers wear and tear or failure of the battery pack arising under normal usage and proper maintenance. It does not cover any malfunction, failure or defect resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration, modification or repair by anyone other than an authorized service centre for Worx® brand hand held cordless power tools, any damage or malfunction inflicted upon the power tools by the end user or other external sources, or any failure to comply with the warnings and instructions in the operator’s manual.

Service agreement communications

The free replacement batteries are not available at retail outlets. All Lifetime Battery Replacement Agreement communications should be directed to: Unit E, Clayton Works Business Centre, Midland Road, Leeds LS10 2RJ attn: Worx® Free Battery Replacement Program You can also call our Customer Helpline on: 0845 202 9679 or e-mail to:

What is not covered

This Agreement applies only to the original registered owner and may not be transferred. This Agreement only covers Worx® branded batteries. Excluding NiCd.

Additional limitations

This Lifetime Battery Replacement Agreement is not a warranty; it does not alter or limit the 1-Year Limited Warranty provided with your product, and it is not intended to create any implied warranties or rights of any kind including but not limited to any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Any such implied warranties are expressly disclaimed.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

Positec Group Limited reserves the right to cancel, alter or change the implied or written terms and conditions of the Free Lifetime Replacement Battery Agreement at any time.